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Each mosaic is comprised of approximately 10,700 Sherlock screencaps.

Title card close-up:


Close-up of Sherlock’s eye:


Close-up of Sherlock’s mouth:


This took for-freakin’-ever so if I see these elsewhere, I will hunt you down. Enjoy^.^

An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [246/?]


oh my lord, my friend got a photo of Ben doing the leg grabbing thing, I tell you, it was so distracting all during the panel!!! 

PS. Anytime you’re in a restaurant with a group of friends and one of them goes to the restroom or bathroom (presume there are many nationalities involved in this AMA), tell the waiter that it’s that person’s birthday. Not only is it fun to embarrass the hell out of the poor victim, but you get free cake in the bargain. (x)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Smaug the Magnificent





Benedict Cumberbatch and his profound knowledge of the Ikea catalogue

I love that he’s getting this right not because he’s a Star Trek geek but because he loves Ikea.

Story time! I love garlic. I absolutely love it, I’m practically obsessed with it. And today was the last day of school before the spring break. And my friend bought me a present for easter and that’s THIS BEAUTY

it’s a garlic magnet. A GARLIC MAGNET wow I mean look at it


#037: this is for a case!


Ah, breathing. Breathing’s boring.


Easy Garlic Parmesan Knots | Damn Delicious

The skeleton is male, forty to fifty... that describes John. Not sure what, if anything, to draw from that.



Oh FFS, you’re right. 

I mentioned this Jack the Ripper thing in my TEH meta. A serial killer who targeted prostitutes and whose “work” (aka the manner in which he mutilated him) led many to suspect he was a doctor. Male, forty to fifty. And…

I don’t even want to make a parallel to John, because – creepy. But the skeleton does turn out to be a fake. And now I’m looking at Sherlock’s deductions and, well…I don’t know. Let’s have fun with this. I’m going to freewrite, meaning if I think of a single reference or connection, no matter how outlandish, I’m writing it down.


Here’s our first view of the skeleton, hidden deep underground and lit by harsh, unnatural lights.


Seated with an empty glass wine goblet and decanter, a writing utensil in his hand and an open notebook on the table. Writing about everything that happens to you will honestly help you. Nothing happens to me…

ETA: salsify said: Wine goblet & decanter = drink a toast, the celebration of the engagement @ 221B and then the wedding toast: dead/not-dead, beginnings, seeming ends.


Sherlock pulls out his tools of the trade, literally mirroring the writing utensil in the skeleton’s hand. I’d be lost without my blogger.

(A minute or so later, we see this mirror again. Creepily, Molly (who is standing in for John) is positioned in a way so that it kind of looks like her hand.)




"The corpse is six months old."

Six months old. At this point in the episode, what else is six months old? John’s relationship with Mary. Six months of bristly kisses for me… Bristly kisses because of that mustache, the one that wasn’t working for John. (The mustache that we associate with Canon-Watson. (I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.))



"It’s dressed in a shoddy Victorian outfit from a museum."

Victorian times, when Canon-Watson and Canon-Holmes lived. But that’s antiquated, it’s old, it belongs in a museum, I can’t be seen walking around with an old man. John’s shaved that mustache off. Canon-Watson is gone. 




"It’s been displayed on a dummy for many years in a case facing south-east judging from the fading of the fabric."

Displayed on a dummy in a case, what you’ve been seeing for many years isn’t real, it’s a fake. It’s faded because it faces southeast, the sunrise (new day, new beginnings? (the east wind is coming to get you)).

ETA: Thanks to singularcoincidence for pointing out that John’s chair faces east.



"It was sold off in a fire-damage sale a week ago."

Sherlock returned to London about a week ago. He returned to John about a week ago. And tonight there’s going to be a little fire damage.


Pine? Spruce? Cedar? So many tree references. The wallpaper outside the entrance to Jack’s hideout is even covered in trees. Jack is hidden in trees.


In “The Empty House,” Holmes disguises himself as a crippled old man, and Watson runs into him and knocks a book called THE ORIGIN OF TREE WORSHIP out of his hands. It’s referenced in John’s scene with the old man he thinks is Sherlock in disguise, who offers him a porn DVD called TREE WORSHIPPERS (which John declines).

Pine? Cedar? Also used in a bonfire later this episode. John is hidden in trees.


Mothballs were recently used to preserve the clothing from damage while being “stored” down here.


Carbon particulate, aka black carbon, aka soot.


Pine, cedar, trees, soot, fire damage, Jack, John, hidden in trees. So…foreshadowing much?


And this moment right here, when Sherlock pulls John out of the fire – it’s the first time he sees John sans mustache, or Not Gay Canon!John, if you will.



Canon JohnJack, in his Victorian suit with his old-fashioned writing utensils, is dead. John Watson? Not dead. Not canon. New beginning.

(ps - freewriting is fun)

(pps - there’s a lot more to analyze here – any takers?)

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